Undergraduate Philosophy Conference Program

In the Morris Conference Center, SUNY Oneonta.

Thursday, April 11

7-9pm: Reception

Friday, April 12

8-9am: Breakfast

9-10:30am: SESSION I 

IA:                  Corporate Markets: Morris 130

                      Session Chair: Douglas Goldberg

Presenter: Kelsey Smith, College of the Holy Cross; “Corporation’s Fulfillment of Conditions of Personhood”

Discussant: Robert Tracey

Presenter: Kim, Kung Min, Pennsylvania State University; “Problems of Market Values Placed in the U.S. Education”

Discussant: Gregory Talamini

IB:                   Ayering with Freud: Craven Lounge

                       Session Chair: Daniel Dillman

Presenter: Shipman, Chad, Hartwick College; “A Critique of Ayer: Verifying Religious Propositions”

Discussant: Matthew McLain

Presenter: Vega, Katrina, Ithaca College; “An Examination of the Conclusiveness of Freud’s Critique of Religion and its Relation to the Psychoanalytic Theory”

Discussant: Michael Lindquist

10:45-12:45pm: SESSION II

IIA:                 Becoming Free: Morris 130

                       Session Chair: Lynn Golan

Presenter: Mosa, Alexander, University of Toronto; “On Determined Indeterminacy”

Discussant: Kelsey Smith

Presenter: Annunziata, Anthony, Elmira College; “An Ethics of Becoming”

Discussant: Meaghan Haugaard

IIB:                 Wonderful Horror: Craven Lounge

                       Session Chair: Emily Knapp

Presenter: Gleim, Joshua, Penn State University; “I Want to Live Again”

Discussant: Matthew McLain

Presenter: McLain, Matthew, College at Oneonta; “An Analysis of Noel Carroll’s Paradox of Horror: A Neo-Analytic Interpretation”

Discussant: Joshua Gleim

12:45-2:00pm: Lunch

2-3:30pm: SESSION III

IIIA:               Skeptech: Morris 130

                        Session Chair: Matthew McLain

Presenter: Braunscheidel, Zachariah, SUNY Fredonia; “The Skeptics of Science”

Discussant: Devin Williamson

Presenter: Lodato, Michael, College of the Holy Cross; “Attitudes Towards Technology in Heidegger and Dewey”

Discussant: Stephen Allard

IIIB:                Miraculous Design: Craven Lounge

                       Session Chair: Aaron Segal

Presenter: Siden, Rachel, University of Massachusetts Amherst; “Science and Miracles”

Discussant: Michael Lodato

Presenter: McCarthy, Jillian; “Hume’s Critique of the Argument from Design in the Dialogues”

Discussant: Douglas Goldburg

3:30-4:00pm:       Break

4:00pm-6: SESSION IV

IVA:               Post-Traumatic Philosophy: Craven Lounge

                       Session Chair: Michael Lindquist

Presenter: Johnson, Lindsey, RIT; “A Poem After Aushwitz”

Discussant: Daniel Dillman

Presenter: McGinn, Mark, Webster University; “Instrumentalism and Poetic Thinking”


Presenter: Watson, John, University of Hawai’i at Manoa (David Hall Prize); “Forgiveness in Action is Lovely”

Discussant: Chelsea Cleary

IVB:                Serious Phish: Morris 130

                       Session Chair: Antoinette Astuto

Presenter: Segal, Aaron; “Knowing that One Knows”

Discussant: Dominique Petit-Frere

Presenter: Ziff, Joseph, Haverford College; “Reconfiguring the Realm of Law”

Discussant: Aaron Segal

Presenter: Marrone, Stephan, University of Chicago; “Losing the Forest for the Trees”

Discussant: Christopher Teter

6-7:30pm: Dinner

7:30-9pm: Keynote: Carol Adams, Independent Scholar

9-11pm: President’s Reception

Saturday, April 13

8-9am: Breakfast

9:00-10:30am: SESSION V

VA:                 NC-17: Craven Lounge

                       Session Chair: Devin Williamson

Presenter: Ueberroth, Jordan, Michigan State University; “Possible Parthood and Modal-Mereological Composition”

Discussant: Johnson, August

Presenter: Johnson, August, SUNY College, Oneonta; “Epistemic Dimensions and Direct Reference”


VB:                 Aristotle’s Slavery: Morris 130

                       Session Chair: Greg Talamini

Presenter: Hardy, Shaun, Belmont University; “Aristotle’s Slavery and Slavery in the Modern World”

Discussant: Tim Clark

Presenter: Jennings, Emily; “The Gentleman is Not a Vassal: Confucius, Aristotle, and the Ruler Exemplar”

Discussant: Andrew Gelb

10:45-12:15pm: SESSION VI

VIA:               Confucius, Taoism and Ethics: Morris 130

                        Session Chair: August Johnson

Presenter: Arias, Laura, SUNY Oneonta; “Taoist Thought, Confucian Ideals”

Discussant: Keegan Nicholas

Presenter: Nichols, Keegan, Lehigh University; “A Bridge Between Two Worlds: The Tao of Immanuel Kant”

Discussant: Chelsea Cleary

VIB:                Playing with Graffiti: Craven Lounge

                    Session Chair: Lynn Golan

Presenter: Hassan, Caitlin, West Virginia University; “Graffiti: Defacement of Property or the Revival of Art?”

Discussant: Lindsey Johnson

Presenter: Sblendorio, Andrew, SUNY Fredonia; “When You Play, You Have To Mean It”

Discussant: Emily Jennings

12:15-12:45pm: Break

12:45-2:45pm: SESSION VII

VIIA:           Bodies in Space: Craven Lounge

                       Session Chair: Chelsea Cleary

Presenter: Griffey, Allison, Belmont University; “Al Ghazzali’s Treatment of the Body in The Alchemy of Happiness”

Discussant: Lynn Golan

Presenter: Meimaris, Alkiviades, SUNY Purchase; “Enclosed Spaces”

Discussant: Laura Arias

Presenter: Demopoulos, Monique, SUNY New Paltz; “The Meaning (or Lack Thereof) of Love”

Discussant: Matthew Williams

2:45-4:15pm: Provost’s Banquet


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