History of the Conference

The undergraduate philosophy conference was created on this campus under the supervision of beloved  professor Dr. Douglas Shrader and a group of hardworking students of philosophy in 1995. After attending a conference on Greek and Islamic Philosophy themselves, the students decided they wanted to begin the tradition of hosting a conference on the SUNY Oneonta campus for philosophical inquiry and exploration among undergraduates.

Over a decade and 19 conferences later we have arrived to the present day, with no end in sight. The conference is one of the most noteworthy events the Philosophy Departments boasts. The students who have taken part in its actualization year after year are some of the most dedicated and hardworking among the college. We are proud to say that the SUNY Oneonta Undergraduate Philosophy Conference is one of the nation’s most prestigious in the country. We have hosted students of philosophy from all over the country, including Hawaii and Canada who have presented and discussed a wide array of philosophical topics.

The legacy of this conference is of pure philosophical inquiry. It is about people and students coming together to share ideas and thoughts. The moments that we share during those action packed three days will stay with each one of us forever as we learn new things, meet new people and grow our philosophical foundations.


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