For Presenters

Relax! This may be a new experience, but you will be presenting to interested (and interesting) people about something to which you have given a lot of thought. Remember, you know your essay more than anyone in the room because you wrote it!

Here are your presentation guidelines
• You have 20 minutes to present; not any longer
• Make sure that you have timed your presentation so that it is not cut short
• If your time runs out way before you have reached the end of your presentation, the audience may miss out on important information regarding your argument
• Try to present rather than read your paper word for word
• If your paper discusses topics such as logic or critical thinking, it may be a good idea to use visuals*
• Make sure your presentation makes sense and that it does not stray from the ideas presented in your paper
• You may prepare an outline or note cards to guide your presentation and keep you on track (many students find that marking up a manuscript with a highlighter and marginal notes works equally well)
• Arrive about 15 minutes before your session begins
• Introduce yourself to the other participants
• Make sure you understand the gestures the session chair will use to signal time (see Guidelines for Session Chairs)

*If you need any sort of equipment (i.e. computer, easel, projector) we can provide it with prior notice.

As a courtesy to the other speakers, you are expected to be present for and participate in the entire session to which you have been assigned.

Above all, have fun!


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