List of Presenters

Name of Presenter Title of Paper Institution
Anthony Annunziata An Ethics of Becoming Elmira University
Laura Arias Virtues SUNY Oneonta
Zachariah Braunscheidel The Skeptics of Science SUNY Fredonia
Monique Demopoulos The meaning (of lack thereof) of Love SUNY New Paltz
Joshua Gleim I want to live again Penn State
Allison Griffey Al Ghazzali’s Treatment of the Body in The Alchemy of Happiness Belmont University
Caitlin Hassan GRAFFITI: defacement of property or the revival of art? West Virginia University
Shaun Hardy Aristotle’s Slavery and Slavery in the Modern World Belmont University
Emily Jennings The gentleman is not a vassel: Confucius, Aristotle, and the ruler exemplar SUNY Geneseo
August Johnson Epistemic Dimensions and Direct Reference SUNY Oneonta
Lindsey Johnson A Poem After Aushwitz RIT
Gregory Joseph Freedom From of Within University of Hawai’I at Manoa
Kung Min Kim Problems of Market Values Placed in the US Education Penn State University
Michael Lodato Attitudes Towards Tech College of the Holy Cross
Stephan Marrone Loosing the Forest for the Trees University of Chicago
Jillian McCarthy Hume’s Critique of the Arguments from Design in the Dialogues Hobart and William Smith Colleges
Matthew McLain An Analysis of Noel Carroll’s Paradox of Horror: A Neo-Analytic Interpretation SUNY Oneonta
Mark McGinn Instrumentalism and Poetic Thinking Webster University
Alkivaides Meimaris Enclosed Spaces SUNY Purchase
Alexander Mosa The Question of Free Will University of Toronoto
Keegan Nichols A Bridge Between Two Worlds: The Tao of Immanuel Kant Lehigh University
Juan Sebastian Rivera Back to Rawls Middlebury College
Andrew Sblendorio When You Play, You Have to Mean It. SUNY Fredonia
Aaron Segal Knowing That One Knows University of Chicago
Chip Shipman A Critique of Ayer: Verifying Religious Propositions Hartwick College
Rachel Siden Science and Miracles University of Massachusetts Amherst
Kelsey Smith Corporations Fulfillment of Conditions of Personhood College of the Holy Cross
Jordan Ueborroth Possible Parthood and Moral-Mereological Composition Michigan State University
Katerina Vega An Examination of the Conclusiveness of Freud’s Critique of Religion and its Relation to the Psychoanalytic Theory Ithaca College
Joseph Ziff Reconfiguring the Realm of Law Haverford College

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