2014 Program

Friday, April 11

8:00-9:00am: Breakfast – Glimmerglass Room

9:00-10:30am: SESSION I:
IA. ILSMM Part II – Catskill room
Session Chair: Devin Williamson
1. Black and O’Leary-Hawthorne- Bundle Theory of Substance and the Identity of Indiscernibles
Discussant: not yet
2. The Soul. Hylomorphism and Dualism
Discussants: Chris Mark
IB. Attention to freedom- The Waterfront
Session Chair: Christine Mazzola
Discussant: Doug Goldberg
2. Effort Resposibility
Discussant: none yet

10:30am-12:00pm: SESSION II:
IIA. Beautiful Belief – Waterfront
Session Chair: Chris Mark
1. Truth and Aesthetics
Discussant: n/a
2. Faith-Based Belief-Forming Mechanisms and Cognitive Efficiency: A Response to Armin Schulz
Discussant: n/a

IIB. Mirroring Infinity- Catskill
Session Chair: Camera Walrond
1. Infinity and Apeiron
Discussant: Daniel Pinto
2. From Mirroring to Merging: The Power and Pitfalls of a New Identity-Theory of Truth
Discussant: n/a

12:00-1:00pm: Lunch: Glimmerglass

1:00-2:30pm: SESSION III:
IIIA. Odd Symbols- Waterfront
Session Chair: Stefanie Winfield
1. An Odd, Odd Place to Be
Discussant: Christine Mazzola
2. Barthean Perspectivism: The Problem of Peirce in Eco’s Theory of Semiotics
Discussant: Meaghan Haugaard
IIIB. Trust the subject – Catskill
Session Chair: n/a
1. Epistemic Trust
Discussant: Hope Costa
2. Dehorning the Threat of the Subject Perspective Objection against Weak Internalism
Discussant: Tyler Adkins

2:30 -3:00pm: BREAK: Glimmerglass

3:00- 4:30 SESSION IV: Leatherstocking
IV: Rogue Values
Session Chair: Doug Goldberg
1. Rogue Ethics of Just War
Discussant: Camera Walrond
2. Objective Values
Discussant: Skyler Chambers

4:30-6:00pm: SESSION V: Leatherstocking
V. Controversial Desires
Session Chair: Skyler Chambers
1. Lacanian Desire and Abortion
Discussant: Robert Tracey
2. Toward a Christian Refutation of Unconditional Antinatalism
Discussant: Noah Johanneson

6:00-7:30pm: Dinner: Waterfront

7:30-9:00pm: Keynote: Waterfront: Doug Lackey “Mitosis & Abortion”

9:00 meet in Union Square

Saturday, April 12

8:00-10:00am: SESSION VI: Smile through the tears-Alumni Little Theatre
Session Chair: n/a
1. Nietzsche’s Love of Fate and Eternal Return
Discussant: Laura Arias
2. Mood and Emotional Response to Heidegger’s Thrownness.
Discussant: Charles Rutter
3. The Ethics of Happiness
Discussant: Kaylee May

10- 11am: President’s Brunch – Denison 103

11:00-1-:00pm: SESSION VII: Dispelling the Curses of Patriarchy
Session Chair: Meaghan Haugaard
1. Transgression to Confession: Language, Limits, and Sexuality from “Preface to Transgression” to The History of Sexuality, Volume I: An Introduction
Discussant: Lynn Golan
2. Feminist Existentialism
Discussant: Tyler Foye
3. Adornos application of Freud
Discussant: Devin Williamson

1:00-1:30pm: Break: Little Theatre Lobby

1:30-3:00: Second Keynote: Little Theatre: Taine Duncan

3:00-4:30pm: The Last Supper: Morris Otsego Grille


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