2014 Committee

Who are the students that are planning this grand event?! Let us introduce ourselves!

LynnLynn Golan

I am pleased to be the Committee Chair of this years Philosophy Conference. I am a graduating senior studying studio art and philosophy; I enjoy the interesting cross-sections between them. Currently, I am learning the art of printmaking and screen printing. I am an open-minded and lighthearted soul trying to make the best of my time here and leave it having made it a better place. I am most interested in social theory and existential philosophies as they pertain to issues of ethics, metaphysics, aesthetics, and eastern/asian thought.

ChrisChristopher Mark
Chris is a senior at SUNY Oneonta, and will be graduating in May. Chris is a Psychology and Philosophy major. He is also the President of the New York Gamma Chapter of Phi Sigma Tau, as well as the Treasurer of Psi Chi. Chris will be attending graduate school in the fall to pursue a degree in experimental psychology.

HopeHope Costa

I am currently a Junior here at SUNY Oneonta with a dual major in Philosophy and Political Science. I found my love for philosophy after taking an introductory political theory class. I fell in love with political philosophers and their complex thoughts about the ideal government. That passion spread to other thinkers like Plato and Aristotle and has ultimately branched into a deep respect for all philosophical topics. I am very happy to serve on this committee and put my best effort into supporting others with a passion for philosophy.

MeaghanMeaghan Haugaard

Meaghan is currently a senior with Criminal Justice/Philosophy majors and a minor in Women and Gender Studies. Some particular interests of study are Feminist Metaphysics and Intellectual Law. She is from Broadalbin, New York and is planning on attending law school in the fall.

CameraCamera Walrond

Camera is the treasurer of this year’s conference committee. She is currently a junior majoring in philosophy and minoring in astronomy. Her philosophic interests mainly include the philosophy of science, logic, metaphysics and ethics in all of its forms. In the future, Camera hopes to use her philosophical knowledge to pursue a career in science diplomacy.

devinDevin Williamson

Hello! This is Devin Williamson. He is the Program Chair, Co-registration Chair, Co-Video Director, and all around Court Jester. He is a Junior here at SUNY Oneonta with a Major in Computer Art and a Dual Minor in Philosophy and Mass Communications. His philosophical interests include Metaphysics, Ethics, Metaethics, the Philosophy of Happiness, and the examination of the Existence of God. “I am thrilled to be part of this committee for the second year in a row and I am excited to meet all of you wonderful people visiting us at this years conference!!!”

SkylrrSkylar Chambers

I’m a junior here at Suny Oneonta majoring in Psychology that’s also considering adding on a Philosophy minor. My main interests in Philosophy lie in Eastern Philosophy such as Buddhism, Hinduism and Taoism but more specifically, monism, which seeks to relinquish the mind body dichotomy by explaining everything in terms of one unifying principle, or as manifestations of a single substance. I’m also an avid yoga practicer as well as an aspiring musician. After graduation my intentions are utilize my degree augmented with a certification in massage therapy as well as yoga instruction in an effort to promote a more strain-free, lenitive world.

DOugDoug Goldberg

Currently a senior philosophy major and a business communications minor. I’m happy to surviving my Second-year on the Oneonta Philosophy conference Board. The core philosophical disciplines that interest me include metaphysics, ethics and epistemology. I’m also in the process of writing my senior thesis in which I am applying crucial philosophical concepts and there relevance to the Internet. I find myself applying philosophy to my everyday life, which enhances my personal ontology.


Christine is a junior at SUNY Oneonta with a dual major in Psychology and Philosophy. She first realized that there is nothing she would love more than to study philosophy, when taking an intro course freshman year and discovering there were other people who appreciated thinking and discussing in the same way she always has. She has come to develop a strong appreciation for philosophy of mind and metaphysics and is very grateful for the opportunity to be planning this wonderful conference.


Kaylee May

Hi! I’m Kaylee May, I’m a sophomore here at SUNY Oneonta, with a dual major in Philosophy and Political Science. I am the Discussant and Registration Chair. I want to go to Law School when I graduate SUNY Oneonta. I am from Canajoharie, a tiny town west of Oneonta. I ride horses competitively, and also love to read and work out!

NoahNoah Johannesen

My name is Noah Johannesen, I am a philosophy major at suny oneonta with an interest in the epistemology of metaphysics. I also enjoy creating visual art and music with inspirations and ties to metaphysical concepts and impressions of various philosophies. My favorite philosopher is Benedict Spinoza and when I grow up I wanna be just like him.

Laura Ariaslaura

“As natural as the changing of seasons and the daylight to the darkness of the night, we are always in a state of transmutation. This we must remember; every moment is a chance for change and newness” (Arias, 2014).

I study environmental science and philosophy as well as women and gender studies here at SUNY Oneonta. From environmental ethics to the social construction of women’s sexuality, my interests pertaining to these studies are vast. This diverse undergraduate education has allowed me to understand the world from many angles, making me well-versed in some of the most prominent social and environmental issues today. Some time ago while wondering why human beings so nonchalantly destroy Nature, it occurred to me that only with the notion that humans are not affected by the earth can such behavior prevail. This is when I became an environmental ethicist. Through engaging with this philosophy I found that by rebuilding the connection with Nature, as we realize that our livelihood is completely dependent on her, we would learn how to sustainably and carefully use the Earth.


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