2012 Program

*This schedule is subject to change* (Latest Change: April 12, 2012)

**The page will be updated regularly as discussants and session chairs are confirmed**



Thursday, April 12

7-9pm: Reception (Dr. Koch’s House – 51 Center Street)


Friday, April 13


8-9am:       Breakfast


9-10:30am: SESSION I

IA:             Evidence and Hallucinations (Craven Lounge)

          Session Chair: Matthew McLain

Presenter: Philip Yaure, University of Chicago, “Counterfactuals and the Problem of Old Evidence”
Discussant: Timothy Perisho (Seattle Pacific University)

Presenter: Ross Whitehurst, Ursinus College, “Hallucination and the Veil of Perception”
Discussant: Philip Yaure (University of Chicago)


IB:             Which way’s the wei? (Room 130)
                     Session Chair: August Johnson

Presenter: Cory Adkins, Duke University, “Skepticism, Engagement and Detachment in the Zhuangzi
Discussant: Mariaelena Flynn (SUNY Oneonta)

Presenter: William Steidle, SUNY Purchase, “Crossroads of the Dao: Comparing, Contrasting, and Unifying Confucius and Zhuangzi”
Discussant: Josh McMahon (SUNY Oneonta)

10:45-12:45pm: SESSION II

IIA:           Body, Building (Craven Lounge)
                    Session Chair: David Heaphy

Presenter: Grant Sendlewski, SUNY Oneonta, “Axiological Comments on Derelict Spaces”
Discussant: Michael Lindquist (SUNY Oneonta)

Presenter: Lindsey Johnson, Rochester Institute of Technology, “Thin Spaces, High Spaces: Postmodern Architecture through Heidegger’s Building Dwelling Thinking”
Discussant: Daniel Dillman (SUNY Oneonta)

Presenter: Nikola Champlin, Yale University, “Representing the ‘Symbolic Body’: Does the artistic subject have a moral right to privacy, and does immorality in art impact its aesthetic value?”
Discussant: Whitney Bashaw (SUNY Oneonta)

12:45-2:00pm:     Lunch


2-3:30pm: SESSION III

IIIA:          Stone Soup: The Engaged Community (Craven Lounge)
Chair: Salem Eames

Presenter: Grace Kay Matelich, Vanderbilt University, “OMNE TOTUM EST MAIUS SUA PARTE: Aristotle on Virtue as it Relates to the Individual and the Community
Discussant: Maureen Gillette (SUNY Oneonta)

Presenter: Tharanga Yakupitiyage, Hampshire College, “Famine in Theory and Action”
Discussant: Jeremy Redlien (SUNY Oneonta Alumnus)

IIIB:          Heidegger and Consciousness (Room 130)
Chair: Peter Kronau

Presenter: Danny Caputi, SUNY Stony Brook, “The Extraordinary Nature of Consciousness”
Discussant: Chelsea Cleary (SUNY Oneonta)

Presenter: Laura Jurewicz, SUNY Purchase, “The Possibility of Authentic Being-a-Whole: The ‘Futural’ Temporality of Anticipatory Resoluteness in Heidegger’s Being and Time”
Discussant: Zachary Gehl (SUNY Oneonta)

3:30-4:00pm:       Break


4:00pm-6: SESSION IV

IVA:          20th Century Thought (Room 130)
                    Session Chair: Grant Sendlewski

Presenter: Jared Henderson, Ohio University, “Reconsidering the First Dogma”
Discussant: Mike Miller (SUNY Oneonta)

Presenter: Sarah Sgro, Hamilton College, “Kripke and Millkan”
Discussant: Jared Henderson (Ohio University)

Presenter: Timothy Perisho, Seattle Pacific University, “A Natural if Not Quite ‘Naturalized’ Development in Epistemology”
Discussant: David Hefer (Brown University)

IVB:           Sublime, Poetics, and Derrida (Craven Lounge)
Chair: Michael Lindquist

Presenter: August Johnson, SUNY Oneonta, “Lady Philosophy and Her Lover’s Positions”
Discussant: Peter Kronau (SUNY Oneonta)

Presenter: Eian Kantor, SUNY Oneonta, “The Sublime and Environmental Ethics”
Discussant: Erin Potter (SUNY Oneonta)

Presenter: Geoffrey van der Woude, SUNY Potsdam, “On Imitative Poetry in Plato’s Kallipolis
Discussant: Eian Kantor (SUNY Oneonta)

IVC:          I Think Therefore I Am Liberal (Room 104)
                    Session Chair: Josh McMahon

Presenter: Alexander Ades, University of Miami, “Redefining the Political in Political Liberalism”
Discussant: Kevin Ryan (Villanova University)

Presenter: Colin Gallent, Connecticut College, “Anything Demons Can Do Dreams Can Do (Better)”
Discussant: Erica Cecala (SUNY Oneonta)

6-7:30pm:   Dinner


7:30-9pm:   Keynote: Tatiana Patrone, Ithaca College, “In
Defense of the ‘Human Prejudice’” (Craven Lounge)


9-10pm:      Reception


Saturday, April 14


8-9am:       Breakfast


9:00-10:30am:     SESSION V

VA:            I Love the Smell of Metaphysics in the Morning (Room 130)
                    Session Chair: Whitney Bashaw

Presenter: Evan West, Michigan State University, “Would-Be Counterfactual Dependence, Binary Causation and the Causality of Absences”
Discussant: Salem Eames (SUNY Oneonta)

Presenter: Kevin Ryan, Villanova University, “Cognition and the Extended Mind”
Discussant: David Heaphy (SUNY Oneonta)

VB:            Prom Excuses (Craven Lounge)
Chair: Erica Cecala

Presenter: Daniel Jackson, University of Hawaii, “Things You Might Be Expected to Know about the Marriage of Apology and Excuse”
Discussant: Nicholas Kaleikini (Hamilton College)

Presenter: Michael Lindquist, SUNY Oneonta, “The Ethics of the Euthanasia of Companion Animals: A Case Study”
Discussant: August Johnson (SUNY Oneonta)

10:45-12:15pm: SESSION VI

VIA:          Moral Philosophy and Sadism (Craven Lounge)
                     Sesssion Chair: Mariaelena Flynn

Presenter: Andrew Molas, University of Toronto, “Responses to the Objections of Act Consequentialism”
Discussant: David Naples (SUNY Oneonta Alumnus)

Presenter: David Hefer, Brown University, “Sadists, Insensates, and Expressivism”
Discussant: Julia Russell (SUNY Oneonta)


VIB:           Hegel: Right or Wrong (Room 130)
Chair: Eian Kantor

Presenter: Jonathan Soderholm, Belmont University, “An Investigation in Incommensurability: Hegel & Confucius”

Discussant: John Laduke (SUNY Oneonta)

Presenter: Daniel Pepe, Villanova University, “Transgressive Play: Finding the Use of Vanity in Hegel”
Discussant: Whitney Bashaw (SUNY Oneonta)

VIC:          Dark Deception (Room 104)
Chair: Maureen Gillette
Presenter: Cristina Ceballos, Yale University, “The Role of the Victim in Lies and Deception”
Discussant: Matthew McLain (SUNY Oneonta)

Presenter: Amanda Hutchens, Eastern Michigan University, “Dark Energy: An Illogical Postulation”
Discussant: Grant Sendlewski (SUNY Oneonta)

12:15-12:45pm:   Break


12:45-2:45pm:     This is the end: Senior Thesis Session

2:45-4:15pm:       Keynote: Sebastian Purcell, SUNY Cortland,
“Liberation Ethics: An Outline” (Craven Lounge)

4:15-5:45pm:       Banquet







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