The Committee


Annie Botch,  Registration Co-Chair, Reception Committee , Program Committee

Annie is a sophomore Environmental Science major with a minor in Creative Writing. She is member of Philosophy Club and loves Plato’s Symposium. Annie’s favorite things are flannels, coffee, and the moon.

Nicole Cavicchio, Publicity Co-Chair, Secretary, Reception Committee


Nicole Cavicchio is a senior at SUNY Oneonta studying Music Industry and Audio Production. This is her first year on the conference committee but she is extremely excited to jump right in. After graduation, Nicole hopes to be able to pay off her large amount of debt by obtaining a job writing articles for music magazines or working A&R at a record label, or both! Some of Nicole’s other interests include literature, art, and composing clever tweets for her beloved twitter followers.

Macayla (Mac) Cleeves, Social Media, Spreadsheet Czar, Video/Film


Mac is a Senior at SUNY Oneonta studying Mass Communication Major with a Philosophy Minor. This is her second year on the Conference Committee and unfortunately her last as she will be graduating next May. After finishing her degree, Mac hopes to road trip across America on Route 66 before (hopefully) finding a career in social media marketing. She enjoys Diet Coke, Harry Potter and talking about Philosophy.

Brenna Crowe, Donations Co-Chair, Book Baroness, Social Media



Brenna Crowe is actively reverse engineering the injustices of society by means of one unit of rebellion per injustice. Her studies in philosophy and psychology have taught her that everything is wrong. In her spare time, she can be found sobbing on bathroom floors while pining for a meaningful existence. She is subpar at the art of self deprecation and has abnormally large hands.

On that note, Crowe is a new and proud member to the Undergraduate Philosophy Conference Committee.

Griffith (Griff) Eddy, Journey Creature, Book Baron

eddy g

Griff is currently studying philosophy at SUNY Oneonta. His philosophical interests include but are not limited too: ethics, meta-ethics, and metaphysics. He enjoys long walks in the park with his cat.

 Alexandra (Ali) Eddy, Book Baroness (Chair) & Journey Creature

eddy a

Ali is a sophomore at SUNY Oneonta studying philosophy and earth science. Her interests include moral philosophy, philosophy of mind, and long walks on the beach. After college she plans to pursue a career with the US Forest Service as a forest ranger.

Christine  (Chrissy)  Garcia, Program Chair, Film, Catering Co-Chair

Chrissy Bio Pic

 Christine Garcia – better know as “Chrissy” – is and Anthropology and Philosophy double major. She is a first semester senior at school, and intends to travel by means of organic farm volunteer work after she receives her degrees. She is interested in the philosophical disciplines of metaphysics, Daoism, and ethics. In her spare time, Chrissy engages in various art forms, music, outdoor activities, and daydreaming. You’ll often find her deep in thought, planning out her next song or painting.

Gabriella (Gabby) Marino, Registration Co-Chair, Journey Creature


Gabby is a sophomore studying biology and minoring in Spanish (more like Spanglish) and a member of the Philosophy Club at SUNY Oneonta. This is her first year on the conference and she’s grateful to have a committee of witty, ingenious people to think with.  She loves waterfalls, sunshine, traveling, and science.  Future plans are very uncertain but may include the Peace Corps and possibly a profession in the medical field.  Or a bartender in Hawaii.

Kaylee May, Committee Chair


Kaylee is a Senior (really sadly) who studies/majors in Philosophy and Political Science, and minors in Women’s and Gender Studies. Kaylee loves feminist philosophy, political theory, and logic (a little). Kaylee is really thankful to be a part of the Conference class and committee again and is really thrilled for this year’s conference. Scandal, cheese and crackers, and reading in bed are her semi-guilty pleasures. Future goals and plans include going to Washington, D.C. for the summer for an internship and going to law school although the LSAT is the bane of her existence.

Molly Mirsky, Journey Creature, Treasurer – Chair, Reception Co-Chair, Conference Photography Chair


Molly is a sophomore, currently a Communication Studies major and minor in Business Communications. She is part of the philosophy club. This is her first year taking part in the conference and is very excited about it. She enjoys spending her time outdoors, especially playing beach volleyball. She has been a vegetarian for over six years and plans on staying one until she starts to travel the world. And if her life ever goes to shambles she can always rely on being a cat lady

Michelle (Mich) Nelson, Discussant Boss, Donations Co-Chair Spreadsheet Czar (Chair), Book Baronness, Conference Photographer


Caught somewhere between a realist and a dream, Michelle, Mich( pronounced Mitch)is truly the jack, or rather Jill, of all trades. She has her hand in far too many cookie jars, or maybe not enough? It’s hard to tell these days. In her free time, what little she has, you can catch Mich hanging with her friends, or her animals. She is a lover of Political Theory, a passion that one day she plans on making a career. As a whole though Mich it a very open person and will gladly talk with anyone about anything.

Khila-Rae Pecoraro, Journey Creature & Treasurer


Khila is a Philosophy and Environmental Sustainability dual major with particular interest in saving the planet with sustainable fashion and food. She is a proficient keeper of house plants and all things aesthetically-pleasing. If you ever need someone to watch you paint or discuss philosophical topics with, she’s your girl.


Frank Pomes, Publicity Co-Chair, Discussant Boss, Journey Creature


My name is Frank Pomes. I am a senior at SUNY Oneonta who is engaged in an eternal pursuit of the great mystery of being.  The natural beauty of each day inspires within me an insatiable desire to explore and understand life as deeply as I can.  Majoring in Psychology and Philosophy, I am looking forward to a future career related to teaching Humanistic/Transpersonal psychology, Eastern/Western Philosophy, and the art of personal transformation.  In my spare time you may find me reading, writing, hiking, meditating, admiring artwork, attending a concert or laughing with friends.  This is my first year being a part of organizing SUNY Oneonta’s Undergraduate Philosophy Conference and I am honored and grateful for the opportunity to contribute to such a wonderful event.


Corrie Reno, Program Committee, Reception Co-Chair, Catering Co-Chair, Video/Film


This is Corrie, a second semester senior who will be graduating in May. She’s a Philosophy and Psychology dual major with a minor in Film. This is her second year on the undergraduate philosophy conference committee. She likes watching films, eating food, reading comics, playing video games, cuddling with her kittens, and hibernating in the winter.






One thought on “The Committee

  1. I attended my first Philosophy Conference in 1997, presenting a commentary on the Diamond Sutra. After that I sat on the Conference Committee. They begged me to get off, as I was crushing their laps. However, I continued to sit on the Committee. Nearly suffocated the lot of them! In any case, this Conference had a major impact on me as a writer and teacher. It even helped influence my decision to become a teacher in a New England prison. The SUCO Philosophy department was nothing less than a spiritual home for me. I am very glad to see it is still going strong. Namaste.

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